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The media masterkey

Your visitors like your content. With Multipass, they are able to access your exclusive content, surf without ads, or support your media.
Three possibilities in one unique subscription model to positively respond to the needs of your readers.

Autologin cross-media

Our technology automatically identifies unique users as soon as they arrive on the websites of our partners.

Shared user subscription

One subscription, to access exclusive content, browse without ads, support journalists and content creators. Valid on all our partner websites. No commitment, no installation.

Three acquisition funnels

Depending on your monetization model, you can choose between three acquisition funnels: premium, ads-less, and support.

GDPR & e-privacy compatible

Our subscription system allows you to easily recieve your users optin data, in accordance with the regulations.

Mobile friendly

Multipass obviously works on smartphones, and can identify users across all their devices.

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